Steven Wright

Written by Steven Wright who lives and works in Sacramento building useful things.

Home Lab V1

Wed Mar 31 2021

Starting Up This goal of this iteration will be to see what off-the-shelf hardware can do, as well as to familiarize myself with VM software…

Media Center V1

Mon Mar 15 2021

I Just Want To Watch Movies Since I haven’t had cable for about 7 or 8 years, I’m overdue for an upgrade of my media center. Right now what…

Rhode Island House Hunt

Mon Mar 01 2021

Beginning the Hunt The time has come for my wife and I to buy a house. We’ve cast our net in most of Rhode Island, since it’s really small…

Book Review - Getting Things Done

Sun Feb 28 2021

Overview & Summary I first heard about this book from a random computing blog that was centered on the idea of workflow management. The book…

Moving to New England

Mon Feb 01 2021

My wife and I decided to move out east, which just so happened to be during the worst pandemic in the last couple of generations. It felt…

CordCrafted Released!

Sat Jun 20 2020

Go check out this shop I made to buy Paracord Koozies, CordCrafted. I’ve been making these for a while now and ended up just putting up a…