Steven Wright

Written by Steven Wright who lives and works in Sacramento building useful things.

React Component Development Studio

10 November, 2019

It’s easier for developers to work on their new component in isolation. We have some UI elements where, if you want to see the “real…

Intro to the Cloudinary API

17 June, 2019

I needed to way to upload and serve thousands of images for a website I was designing. I didn’t want to waste storage space on hosting these…

On Discovering GraphQL

10 June, 2019

While building this blog, I was really impressed with the simplicity of GraphQL, and its ability to quickly query any sort of relational…

TCPDUMP to Postgres

30 April, 2019

Today I was trying to debug what my OrmLite queries were doing, but didn’t know how to print out the equivalent SQL being generated. I…

About Me

23 April, 2019

Hi! I’m Steven Wright. I currently reside in Sacramento, CA and work as a software engineer. I studied Computer Engineering at the…