Steven Wright

Written by Steven Wright who lives and works in Sacramento building useful things.

Kansai International Airport

Fri Feb 28 2020

I need to find my notes for this. Check back soon!

Osaka to Taipei

Fri Feb 28 2020

For the return trip home, we flew EVA Airlines on a Boeing 777-300ER. First impressions was this was not nearly as luxurious of an airline than China Airlines. I got a feeling like I was on a regional flight. Regardless, we sat in premium economy near the window but the difference in seats between this and economy looked just to be the seat size. I don’t think our amenities differed one bit from those in economy for this carrier.

One frustration with just getting to the plane was that I had to show my passport at basically every touch point, and there was a separate actual customs check before the flight. This seemed strange.

I bought a beer in the airport with the expectation of drinking it on the plane. Beer was sold at a 7 Eleven inside the terminal so it wasn’t packaged/sealed before giving it to me. When I opened it on the plane while waiting to take off, I was informed by the crew I was not allowed to drink it on the airplane. The flight attendant said she “did not see me open it” so sounds like I wasn’t breaking that big of a rule if she could just pass it off like that. The situation made no sense at all since I already paid the tax on it at the supermarket. This feels like weird duty-free/tax thing that is somehow still a customs and import export issue.

Overall, Kate and I were not super thrilled with EVA Airlines. There was rarely a trash pickup, the staff seemed very inexperienced, and there was some weird rule where all of the windows had to be opened during take-off and landing. I’ve never experienced this in my entire like of flying.

Taipei to San Francisco

Fri Feb 28 2020

For the final leg of our flight coming back to America we flew EVA Airlines, again on a Boeing 737-300ER. If you have the means to avoid it, I would not fly AVA Airlines as there are some better airlines for the money. I’m not sure if it was because we flew out of Osaka or if the return trip to America is normally just more expensive and less selective.

Shortly after take off, Kate had mentioned EVA airlines was listed as a direct competitor to China airlines and that EVA is considered a 5 star airline, while China airlines is a 4 star airline? We disagreed with this statement! For a short while during boarding, we thought about playing the honeymoon card and exchanging our seats for business or first class.

For one, we ended up not being able to book a premium economy seat, and were seated in regular economy. Luckily the seats weren’t horrible and the legroom was actually comparable to what we got on the China Airlines flight. We got window and middle seats and no one actually ended up sitting next to us so we had the aisle seat to ourselves. Luckily for me, my right knee and leg weren’t hurting but if it had, I at least would’ve had another seat to stretch out in.

Overall, the flight wasn’t super packed, but China airlines service and quality and accommodations were far superior. All our headphones work, which was a surprise considering we were in economy. Figured the cheaper wires would be shorted out or something. Entertainment selection on this flight was definitely not as expansive as China Airlines. Movies were heavily censored, and there didn’t seem to be as many big-budget movies or American movies available. Maybe this was due to the flight originating in Taipei. Also, not touching your face at this point is almost impossible!!!

Layover - EVA Airlines

Thu Feb 27 2020

I need to find my notes for this. Check back soon!

Shinsekai District

Thu Feb 27 2020

The area was nothing like what we expected. It was basically like an American carnival, people yelling Japanese hawking food and trinkets. The food was all expensive and didn’t look super appetizing. We had also walked a bit of a way to get there, so it was a little disappointing. Also, by this time, Kate and I were starting to just get exhausted.

Kisoji Uehommachi

Wed Feb 26 2020

This was a Shabu Shabu place that was recommended by our hotel. We had to make a reservation up front since they did not allow walk-ins. I imagine this had something to do with table availabilty and just having enough food on hand to serve everyone.

We spoke almost no useful Japanese but the staff was helpful and we just relied on our ability to point at the menu and see what it must be like to be a foreigner in another country as we so often see in the US.

It was not cheap, but the food was amazing. The staff gave us a little demo of what to do, although Kate had some experience with how to cook the food. Oh, and the entire staff wore Kimonos which was a nice touch to the experience.