My COVID-19 Preparedness

Fri Apr 10 2020

I would say my exposure to COVID-19 (informational, not biological haha) started on the trip to Japan for my honeymoon.

On the plane ride to Tokyo, I think I wore an N95 mask for most of the whole flight. This wasn’t at all comfortable and made some noticeable marks on my nose.

When I returned home, I converted to wearing cloth masks, and eventually no mask at all (shame!).

covid 2

Initially, I got worried that we, as a society, would collapse into some sort of apocolyptic scenario where the grocery stores are empty and you can’t ever go outside. Thanks mass-media.

Fortunately for everyone, that hasn’t happened. The only real victim here is the economy and the 35+ million people that are out of job now. Holy crap!

One thing that came of this is my wife and I are even more prepared now than we have been.

We have a ton of hand soap, lots of canned foods, and we already had a 1-2 month supply of toilet paper since I always buy in bulk regardless.

Steven Wright

Written by Steven Wright who lives and works in Sacramento building useful things.