Movie and TV Subtitle Criticism

Sun Mar 15 2020

All streaming services provide some sort of subtitle support these days. Now, the accuracy of said subtitles vary, and some are more concise than others. Most of the time, the subtitles are word for word what the character is saying, however sometimes the speech is paraphrased for some reason?

One thing I’ve noticed about subtitles is that on some streaming services, new characters coming on the screen who haven’t been introduced by name are given a name in the subtitles! What’s up with that?

The character hasn’t actually been introduced to the audience yet, but now the viewer knows their name, as long as subtitles are displayed. This puts normal viewers at a disadvantage since they have to strictly rely on the editors and the writers to bring consistency to the story. #makesubtitlesgreatagain

Steven Wright

Written by Steven Wright who lives and works in Sacramento building useful things.