Osaka to Taipei

Fri Feb 28 2020

For the return trip home, we flew EVA Airlines on a Boeing 777-300ER. First impressions was this was not nearly as luxurious of an airline than China Airlines. I got a feeling like I was on a regional flight. Regardless, we sat in premium economy near the window but the difference in seats between this and economy looked just to be the seat size. I don’t think our amenities differed one bit from those in economy for this carrier.

One frustration with just getting to the plane was that I had to show my passport at basically every touch point, and there was a separate actual customs check before the flight. This seemed strange.

I bought a beer in the airport with the expectation of drinking it on the plane. Beer was sold at a 7 Eleven inside the terminal so it wasn’t packaged/sealed before giving it to me. When I opened it on the plane while waiting to take off, I was informed by the crew I was not allowed to drink it on the airplane. The flight attendant said she “did not see me open it” so sounds like I wasn’t breaking that big of a rule if she could just pass it off like that. The situation made no sense at all since I already paid the tax on it at the supermarket. This feels like weird duty-free/tax thing that is somehow still a customs and import export issue.

Overall, Kate and I were not super thrilled with EVA Airlines. There was rarely a trash pickup, the staff seemed very inexperienced, and there was some weird rule where all of the windows had to be opened during take-off and landing. I’ve never experienced this in my entire like of flying.

Steven Wright

Written by Steven Wright who lives and works in Sacramento building useful things.