15th March 2020

My Work From Home Setup

I've been working from home for about 2 years or so, ever since I first moved to Sacramento, CA. Since then I've gone through some upgrades ranging from coffee tables to standing desks, monitors, lighting, and cameras.

The latest equipment I've been using is a new Logitech Webcam.


Since I work from home, a solid webcam is a must-have. I really have no complaints with this one, and use it for podcasting and meetings and love the quality.

Sure, there are probably plenty of cheaper options, and if you're comfortable buying something from China for 90% less and have a good amount of spyware built-in, go right ahead!

Standing Desk

I've got a great VertDesk V3 that works great and I really like to supported presets. The build quality is excellent and the price was well worth it. I had looked into Ikea models, as well as other comparable brands and nothing matched the quality and price.


Lenovo X1 Extreme Gen 8


DAS Keyboard


This is a Samsung curved monitor and I'm not at all pleased with it. Curved monitors are just all sorts of visibility problems and I'm not a fan of the refresh rate, but since it's provided by my work, it saves some money.


HP Envy 6600 series


Run of the mill Dell wired mouse. Always works, no batteries to replace, no Bluetooth requirement, super fast responsiveness. I've never had a complaint with this.