15th March 2020

Planning for the FE / EIT Exam

THE FE exam is something I've been wanting to take since I graduated from the University of Arizona in 2007. At the time, I didn't want to study for another test and I was really eager to just get out there and start having fun not going to school. I really didn't know to appreciate the freedom from not having to go to work everyday and just study.

The coolest thing I heard about getting this certification was getting an official stamp you could use for your drawings. I'm not sure how much truth there is to this statement, or even if this is something that still happens now that most designs etc are electronic. I could see this making sense if you're making construction drawings since big plot sheets will be made.

When I looked into taking the exam way back when it was only offered twice a year, once in April and another in October. Has this changed? I need to find out as it could make it easier to study and plan the test date. Also, there were a set number of exams and only a select few were offered per engineering discipline. I need to do some investigating and see which exam I need to take as I imagine things have changed a bit in ~15 years.

I think these certifications are still just state-wide? I also don't know what the certifications even encompass or how it would benefit me in my current career situation. I think I might just take it once at the end of the year regardless of my studying progress just to see where I am and get a feel for the test. I believe you can fail it once a year, and fail it no more than 3 times? Again, more questions. More to come on this.