I only really have notes for when I went to Japan, but going to start writing about other travels here as well.

Japan Posts
29th February 2020Money
28th February 2020Japanese Vending Machines
28th February 2020Kansai International Airport
27th February 2020Shinsekai District
26th February 2020Ichiran Ramen
26th February 2020Kisoji Uehommachi
26th February 2020Osaka Aquarium
25th February 2020Fushimi Inari Taisi
25th February 2020Fushimi Inari to Kyoto
25th February 2020Kenkakuji Temple
25th February 2020Kinkakuji to Nishiki Fish Market
25th February 2020Japanese Drinking in Public
25th February 2020Daiki Suisan
25th February 2020Izakaya Toyo
24th February 2020A-Bomb Dome
24th February 2020Futuayama Peace Pagoda
24th February 2020Hiroshima Castle
24th February 2020Hiroshima Station Okonomoyaki
24th February 2020Hiroshima Stone Trolleyway
24th February 2020Tagoshu Temple
24th February 2020Oboz Shoes
24th February 2020Shin-Osaka Station
23rd February 2020Coronavirus
23rd February 2020Daiwa Roynet Hotel Osaka Uehonmachi
23rd February 2020Osaka Travels
22nd February 2020Yamagami Shokudo NEO
21st February 2020Hakubar
19th February 2020Beach Bar
19th February 2020Bank of Ameriaca Travel VISA
18th February 2020Rythym Rentals
18th February 2020Hakuba Skiing
17th February 2020Hakuba Momonoki Hotel
17th February 2020Hakuba Travels
17th February 2020Nagano Station
17th February 2020Hiroshima Travels
17th February 2020Kyoto Travels
17th February 2020Face Masks
14th February 2020Pedestrian Commuting
8th February 20207 Elevens
Japan Notes
17th February 2020Mega Don Quixote
14th February 2020Trains
7th February 2020Onsens
7th February 2020Travel Kit
6th February 2020Seicomart
4th February 2020Skiing
4th February 2020Walkie Talkies
4th February 20207 eleven
4th February 2020Using Our EPIC Passes
4th February 2020Oktoberfest
3rd February 2020The Westin Rusutsu
3rd February 2020Rusutsu Travels
3rd February 2020New Chitose Airport
2nd February 2020Room Shoes
2nd February 2020Suica Card
Sacramento Travels
28th February 2020Layover - EVA Airlines
17th February 2020Transporation on Japan Honeymoon
17th February 2020Taipei Travels
17th February 2020Tokyo Travels
17th February 2020Yamanote Loop
16th February 2020Tsujiki Fish Market
15th February 2020Harajuku Crepes
15th February 2020Hitachino Brewing Lab
15th February 2020Ottotto Brewery
15th February 2020Team Lab Borderless
14th February 2020Hakone Ropeway
14th February 2020Mount Fuji
14th February 2020Shin-Okubo Station
14th February 2020Sushi no Midori Ginza
13th February 2020Hotel Keihan Tsujiki Ginza Grande
13th February 2020Kurand Sake Market
13th February 2020Senso Ji
12th February 2020Asahi Beer Headquarters
12th February 2020Kamakura Day Trip
12th February 2020Kotoku-in
12th February 2020Meiji-Jinju Shrine
12th February 2020Sakura-tei
12th February 2020Shibuya Crossing
12th February 2020Tokyo Government Observation Building
12th February 2020Tokyo Ramen Street
11th February 2020Han No Doidokoro
11th February 2020Nikko Daytrip
11th February 2020Omoide Yokocho
11th February 2020Owl Cafe Fukurou no Shiro Hirojoku
10th February 2020Cat Cafe MOCHA Harajuku
10th February 2020Tokyo Skytree
9th February 2020Sapporro Snow Festival
9th February 2020Tokyo AirBnb Shinjuku
8th February 2020Shinjuku Golden Gai
7th February 2020Sapporro Snow Festival
7th February 2020Sapporo Beer Museum
6th February 2020Shinagawa Station
3rd February 2020Ramen Nagi
3rd February 2020Haneda Airport
3rd February 2020Tokyo Station
2nd February 2020Coco Curry
2nd February 2020Domo AirBnB in Tokyo - First Japan Honeymoon Lodging
2nd February 2020Golden Gai District
1st February 2020Phones
1st February 2020Kojiro-Shinjuku
1st February 2020Narita International Airport
1st February 2020Picking Up JR Rail Pass
31st January 2020Starting Our Honeymoon
31st January 2020Layover - China Airlines
30th January 2020Sapporro Travels
30th January 2020San Francisco International Airport
17th June 2019Shibuya Tour