28th February 2020

Japanese Vending Machines

There were some very interesting vending machines in Japan. I had thought before we went that people would be able to whatever they wanted out of a vending machine in the city. That part wasn't as true as I originally thought, however there were definitely some differences between the US and Japan.

For one, each drink vending machine we came across served hot or cold beverages. There were red labels on the prices for hot drinks, and blue labels on the prices for cold drinks. This took us a little bit to figure out but was good to know when the days got really cold outside while we were walking and needed a hot coffee.

I found a lot of different types of vending machines, ranging from ones selling beer, bananas, t-shirts, souvenirs, crepes, sandwiches, mystery boxes, ties, and cameras. Once I find the pictures I took, I'll be sure to upload them here.