17th February 2020

Mega Don Quixote

These shops are basically the biggest souvenir shops in all of Japan so we figured this is the perfect spot to get souvenirs for people at home. The stores are usually 6 or 7 floors, and had some pretty good deals. There was a lot of knock off stuff like fake Gucci bags and overpriced booze, but they had an entire floor full of souvenirs, some of them you couldn't find online so it was a quick easy stop to get some presents.

Since we still had like 3 more cities to travel to with heavy luggage- on our backs, we decided to wait to do our souvenir until Osaka since we thought they'd all be the same. They weren't. A lot of Osaka was much different than Tokyo and we ended up regretting not shopping in the big Mega Done we saw in Shinjuku that had a ton of stuff.