1st February 2020


Getting a Japanese SIM card

I didn't do any phone prep before going to Japan, so at the Tokyo Narita airport I picked up an unlimited data SIM. It turned out to be definitely worth it since we don’t have unlimited data in the states. There were times where my wife and I were in a pinch and needed to find directions / navigation and my wife’s phone was probably over data, and since I had unlimited data I could use it anywhere when in the city. Some restaurants and stores offered free wifi, but the speeds weren't super great.

The SIM I bought was a 4G LTE card from Docomo with unlimited data, which was just one of the major telecom carriers in Japan. The speed was pretty decent. Not sure how LTE worthy it was, it wasn’t insanely fast. The only downside was I just couldn't call home or send text messages, however I was able to receive them. It cost about $97 and was good for 28 days.

I could also send / receive still to anyone with an iPhone since Apple handles receipt of those itself and it pissed off carriers when that whole thing launched back in ~2006?

Using our wireless carriers

my wife used Verizon and just bought an international plan. Not sure how much this cost her, but it was a fraction more than what I paid and was not unlimited.

Here are some links that came in handy while planning this part of our trip: