When we got to Osaka, it became obvious that this not like Tokyo, and there was not nearly as much English as Tokyo or the ski areas. It was a different experience and actually a little relaxing to have something a little less faster paced.

- Very little english - We were definitely in a more rural area now! - More I need to find my notes for this. Check back soon!
28th February 2020Kansai International Airport
27th February 2020Shinsekai District
26th February 2020Ichiran Ramen
26th February 2020Kisoji Uehommachi
26th February 2020Osaka Aquarium
25th February 2020Daiki Suisan
25th February 2020Izakaya Toyo
24th February 2020Shin-Osaka Station
23rd February 2020Daiwa Roynet Hotel Osaka Uehonmachi