26th February 2020

Ichiran Ramen

Ichiran was probably the most commonly seen Ramen brand in all of Japan. There were Ichiran meal boxes in almost every store we went into, and in every 7 Eleven and Seicomart. We finally took some time to eat at one in Osaka near Dotonbori. The prices there were pretty standard, and the food quality was good. Not as good as some of the other Ramen shops we ate at, but for a chain restaurant this was at the top.

When you get in, you over everything from a vending machine, and pay up front. You'll get some tickets to take with you to your own individual booth. Once you're seated, you give your tickets to cooks behind the wall. You can't see anything behind there except for the small window in front of you where the food gets delivered from. Once you get your food, your window closes and you eat in peace. There's also a divider on each side of you so you don't disturb your neighbor with loud eating noises. You can either eat your food in peace or open the dividers if you're sitting with friends.

The Ramen was really delicious. I ordered it with an above average spice level and it was much more spice than i was used to, but still good though.