26th February 2020

Osaka Aquarium

Going to the aquarium in Osaka was one of the big items on our list for the trip. I think the aquarium is the 7thor 8th biggest in the world, something like that. I thought this was the big aquarium containing a giant viewing window but I think the one I was thinking of was in Europe somewhere.

The aquarium was off the Osaka Loop Line so we didn't have to pay any extra train fees to get there since our JR Rail passes were active until we went home. Located in Osaka Wharf, it was made up of 8 floors, where you started from the top and worked your way downward while you looked at the giant fish tank in the middle of the building. You could view the aquarium from so many different angles as you walked around it in a corkscrew orientation.

There was the usual penguins, otters, sea lions, dolphins, sharks and a ton of different fish. What set this aquarium apart however were two enormous whale sharks just dominating the view of everything. Just the size of one whale shark alone is big but the this tank had two and a large number of other creatures inside of it to give you some sense of scale.