3rd February 2020

The Westin Rusutsu

Our room at The Westin ended up being two-stories. I did tell it was mine and my wifes honeymoon so maybe that had something to do with it? Upstairs was the bedroom and where the entrance door was but you had to go downstairs to get to the bathroom and the TV which turned out to be a huge pain in the ass. The kitchen was down there as well but that was OK since we used it as our storage/closet space and ski staging area.

There were ski lockers for our ski gear, with more than enough room for two peoples stuff. They were in a heated area so could take our time getting ready or changing, and it kept our boots warm and dry as well.

Since we were in Japan for a whole month, we only brought enough clothes for about a week or so, and there was some laundry units that we could use. I think the prices ran about 400 Yen to wash, and 100 Yen to dry. At one point, we just stopped drying to save the 100 Yen and chose to just hand clothes in the room instead since there was plenty of space!

Even though we were staying at a Westin Hotel, it didn't mean we were going to be dropping bank every night. For breakfasts, I think we ate at their breakfast buffet twice, which had a pretty good selection of food for not a bad price at all. However for dinner we just ended up going to the convenience stores most nights and getting noodle bowls or curries and cooking them with boiled water from a kettle pot in our mansion of a room.


Japanese Onsens are something everyone should experience, in my opinion. I mean, it's just like sports or gym locker rooms. You're going to be naked so just get comfortable with that fact and everything should be OK. If not, onsens probably aren't for you and that's OK. There are coed onsens where you can wear a bathing suit but the experience isn't quite the same, although the coed ones are a little more laid back since people aren't just naked.

Before you hop into the baths, you need to sit down at one of the stalls and rinse yourself off. After that you can take your time and enjoy the hot baths and mineral water ponds. Just remember to get out eventually since it's just like a regular hot tub if you stay in for too long. When finished, just make sure to rinse off again at the stall. Most of the had shampoo, soap, conditioner, and some even had rooms where you could shave all that.

When I walked out of the onsen, I felt super relaxed and was less sore from skiing all day. Definitely something I would do a few more times during our stay at The Westin.