4th February 2020

Walkie Talkies

Since my wife and I were going to be skiing on new mountains we weren't familiar with, we decided to get some cheap walkie talkies. I ended up getting a set of two Midland GXT1000 walkies off of Amazon for about $40 for the set. Before we left for Japan, we tested them out in Sacramento, CA and they worked great. We probably got about 2 miles of separation between the two of us. She was basically to her work and I stayed at home inside so there were a good amount of buildings and trees in between. Even with all of that difference the signal quality was great without any real static and we didn't have to use any extra equipment or make modifications to the walkies.

We used them extensively on the ski slopes, again with great coverage everywhere. The only time they didn't work was if we were on totally opposite sides of the mountain, but that's going to happen with any radio unless you get a repeater at the top. Battery life was great, we just had to make sure to recharge them overnight about every other day or so.