7th February 2020

Sapporo Beer Museum

Once we figured out our return bus trip situation, it was time to start walking to the brewery. I pulled up my phone and the directions were almost a straight shot there, through the snowy streets of Sapporro. There were some other people out and about walking around so we felt somewhat safe doing this. The walk there was super cold and snowed almost the entire time, but we made it in about 30 minutes.

We stayed at the breweryv about 2 hours, including the tour, doing a couple tastings, and generally just thawing out from the walk. We probably took pictures outside for about 20 minutes heh. Sights inside the brewery were awesome as well, so much history and different ways of doing things.

Theres definitely more notes that I have about history and our opinions of the beers, but I'm still tracking down everything from a months worth notes so I'll come back to this later and give you all more info.