7th February 2020

Sapporro Snow Festival

The Sapporro Snow Festival turned out to be pretty cool, lots of great smelling food, and lots of awesome ice sculptures where we were. We didn't end up trying any of the food since we werent super hungry and it was pretty expensive, and there were a ton more ice sculptures around the city. This festival was huge, and there were way more things here besides food and sights. They had some sort of ski stunt competition going on with a prebuilt ski slope in the middle of Okiru Park, just one of the spots where all the crowds were congregating.

We were trying to enjoy the sights but it was freezing cold outside and at this point after the walk back from the brewery, we were almost frozen to the bone. We decided to start heading back to the bus station and on the way we ould see a random businessman here and there walking around in just a suit and tie with no jacket. They were definitely acclimated to the cold.

If I could come back to Japan again, I would definitely look to stay in Sapporro longer since it looked like there was a lot of fun things here for us to do.