2nd February 2020

Domo AirBnB in Tokyo - First Japan Honeymoon Lodging

Since we had just flown across the Pacific Ocean on a ~13 hour plane trip, we were naturally a little tired and fatigued from the trip. We were going to go skiing shortly after arriving in Japan, and wanted to make sure we had time to get some rest and get over our jetlag etc, so we chose to stay in Tokyo for a couple of days before we headed to the mountains.

When we got to the hotel, we were greeted by a clean room, super comfortable beds, and a very quiet room. The bathroom was very modern, with a nice shower and restroom. The shower was its own room and had a separate door along with a builtin tub and bench. It was a really hooked up shower area that you could probably lounge around and have a 30 minute shower.

The room did have a slight smoky smell even though we had a non smoking room. There wasn't an actual lobby nearby, but the place offered free coffee and a breakfast about a half mile away at the Domo Cafe.

When we left to the airport on the way to Sapporro, I noticed I forgot some books and notes in the room, but it was easy to get in touch with the Domo staff and they sent a picture of everything we had left. We just picked everything up when we headed back to Tokyo from Sapporro.