15th February 2020

Hitachino Brewing Lab

This was a place we visited in Tokyo (exact location to come soon) that my wife had heard about years and years agoand had tried in San Francisco back in 2009. When we started planning our honeymoon, she written down this as a place to go, so naturally we had to check it out.

This place had some great beers. I ordered the espresso stout, and my wife got a bottle of the real ginger ale. The flavors were really great and we were impressed at the quality of beers they were putting out.

We wanted to order a taster and try out some of the other good sounding beers. They had a taster set but it was only 3 pre-determined beers that you couldn't change so that was a bummmer.

It was an extremely small place, as are most of the places throughout Japan. Lots of hightop tables, and narrow passageways. The brewery was actually located in a converted red-brick factory building next to a river, and it was a great usage of space. The music in the background was all American Hip-Hop with absolutely no censoring of profanity or lyrics, which we wondered how much of the patrons there even understood what was being said.