13th February 2020

Hotel Keihan Tsujiki Ginza Grande

For the second half of our stay in Tokyo, we moved all of our bags to Ginza, which is a really great area to begin with, and checked into a super nice hotel far better than the slums of the Shinjuku AirBnB we were just at. All in all this was a great hotel and was a nice way to end our stay in Tokyo.

The bathroom was super modern and very clean. No issues at all with any of the furnishings. Super hot water, and the shower had multiple nozzles for all the cleaning angles. Our room had a King-size bed and also had a massage chair which was hard to figure out at first but once we hit enough buttons we were able to get it working good enough. There was a complimentary traditional Japanese breakfast, which was so-so in some aspects but was more than enough good food to start the day right. There were just some items like the Japanese porridge that were interesting to eat.

We didn't have any room troubles, despite some bad online reviews. Basically, don't listen to any reviews, do your homework, use common sense. Lots of the reviews complained that the rooms were super small, but it's Japan and rooms aren't going to be the same size they are in America. People just aren't that big and there's less space avaiable to begin with.

One minor complaint with the TV was that we couldn't get Apple Airplay to work. Most importantly, it turned out that Netflix had removed support for Airplay from the app in the latest iOS for some reason. So we were left with a TV that we couldn't understand anything on. Oh, and the house slippers didnt fit as usual.