12th February 2020

Kamakura Day Trip

When in Japan I wanted to make sure to see the Giant Buddha at Kotoku-In in the city of Kamakura. There were also some other temples there I wanted to see but they ended up being too far away and by the time we got there, most of the places were closing soon or would've been closed by the time we got to them. It was going to be about a 90 minute trip to Kamakura by train, but it was going to be all regular trains as there weren't any Shinkansens that went this route.

  • had the great buddha ok kotoku-In
  • hasadera temple

As usual in Tokyo, we took the Yamanote Line from Shin-Okubo and went all the way to Shinagawa Station, where we hopped another train on the Yokosuka Line to Kamakura. Once we got there, it was about a 40-45 minute bus ride to the Daibatsu Mae bus stop. There ended up being a pedestrian on the tracks when on the Yokosuka line, which apparently happened quite often. Once we got to bus station, it was easy to get to the stop and then a super easy walk to Kotoku-In, you could'nt miss it.

To get inside, it cost about 300 Yen. Once there, we saw the Giant Buddha and his giant shoes nearby. There was way more history here and I'll have to come back and fill this out more when I get some time. But really, it was just one shrine but it had the 2nd biggest buddha statue in Japan. In total we stayed about 30-40 minutes and then went over to Hasadera Temple since it was one of the last ones open nearby. Hasadera cost 300 Yen as well and was much larger than Kotoku-In with lots of shrines inside, as well as some temples and a museum. Hasadera also had a giant 45 ft Buddha statue inside where we couldnt take pictures, but 45 feet tall wasn't very big compared to these other ones. All in all, going to Kamakura was definitely worth the trip!