1st February 2020


Once we navigated the streets of Shinjuku with our backpacks and roller bag and finished our 25 minute walk to the AirBnB, we cleaned up and went to find something to eat since we were starving. We quickly found our first ramen joint in Japan, the quality of which is to be determined since we were super hungry and just needed food. When we showed up to this place, there were a couple of open seats, but the place got super packed once we sat down, with people starting to wait outside, so it couldn't have been that bad of a place.

I got a ramen with pork and green peppers and some gyoza and rice, and my wife got garlic pork butt which she said was super garlicky and coming from her that definitely means something. I got a Sapporo naturally for the first beer in Japan. Regardless, the food felt and tasted so good after traveling all day and was a good respite from the plane food. The meal was also cheaper than what it would’ve cost stateside.

As I look back, in comparison to other ramen places, this wasn’t all that great but at the time it was delicious