13th February 2020

Kurand Sake Market

Yet another place recommended to us on the Shibuya tour! This was a concept I've never heard of, but it was basically unlimited sake, beer, and snacks for any time period you wanted. For 1100 Yen you got 30 mins, 2200 Yen gave 60 mins, and 3300 Yen gave 90 mins. We chose to do the 30 minutes since it feltlike we'd be able to get a good amt of sake in that time. The place was packed so we knew had found a gem in Tokyo.

The 30 minutes gave us about 6-7 sakes each, all of them with much diff levels of dryness and fruitiness and tastes. The really cool thing about this place was they allowed customers to bring in any food they wanted. I think the only real rule was if you go over your time, the place charges you the 30 minute fee.