14th February 2020

Mount Fuji

We eventually made it to the Hakone Ropeway at the Togendai Station after walking a little bit around rural Japan. It was going to be about a 30 minute aerial tram ride with great views of Mount Fuji. I had found out about this afer researching the day we got back to Tokyo from the Rusutsu trip and tried to figure out the best way to see the mountain.

There were lots of travelers that said the Hakone Ropeway offered the best view going as high as 1044 meters, so this sounded like the best choice for a day trip. On the ropeway, there were also 3 other stations on the line but they didn't offer any real sights to see.

The city of Hakone itself was east of the mountain. There were less activities around Hakone but much better views which is all we wanted to see in the first place.

There was another common viewing spot called Kawaguchiko that was closer to the mountain, but I had read a lot of information mentioning the views there were not guaranteed for February and there was a good possibility of low cloud cover meaning we wouldn't see much of the mountain.

What we saw were excellent views from the ropeways, and great photo ops from the cable car. Once we got to Owakundi Station we got off since this was the only place we could really leave the station and look at the sights. The one problem with this stop as it had a ton of stinkpots and was located next a bunch of sulfur pits and there were these black eggs being sold that got their color from being boiled in the hot sulfur springs.

But it was a great sightseeing area with no obstructed views and much closer than I thought. From miles away Mount Fuji still looked gigantic.