1st February 2020

Picking Up JR Rail Pass

When we got out of customs at Tokyo Narita, we needed to pick up our JR Rail Pass for our train rides. The ticket office wasn’t very hard to find in the airport, and the wait in line for the JR East office was about 10 minutes to get to a counter.

When we bought our JR rail pass, we screwed up our initial dates for when the 14 day pass would start. We had initially chose to start our 14 day stretch in the 17th which would’ve wasted 2 days so the lady helped us to change our already completed passes. Thankfully, our ticket rep was super helpful and the only one that spoke really good English.

She was also the only that had a name tag at her station or any sense of individuality in a business setting we saw in Japan so far

After we picked up our rail passes, we also booked our Tokyo to Nagano trip at the counter for when we needed to go to Hakuba. Technically you can just hop on any Shinkansen trains, but we chose to get reserved seats to make sure we had a seat and more room for our luggage.

We also bought some 28 day Suica cards while we were there, which ended up saving us some money and we could get a refund on them once we left Tokyo.