3rd February 2020

Ramen Nagi

This was a cozy ramen join in the Shinjuku Golden Gai District. It was an upstairs restaurant with about 8 to 10 seats total. We had to wait about 20 or 30 minutes to get in, and there were two groups outside that weren't taking the instructions of the staff very well relating to waiting in line.

To get in, there was a super steep staircase up the side of the restaurant that exits right into a vending machine where you order your meal before you sit down. When we finished ordering, we made our way to our seats through the cramped space.

We ended up ordering a medium beef rib and pork loin, with the big chow fun noodles, lots of veggies, seaweed, and some dried fish. There was a designated name for it but I never wrote it down heh. The size was more than enough for me and I was fairly hungry after walking around Shinjuku all day.

Also, we ended up sitting next to a picture on the wall signed by Wayne Gretzky, with a note saying "Wayne Gretzky approves!" I agreed with this statement and I'll try and get a picture of this up as well.