13th February 2020

Senso Ji

This was a very cool temple, and was recommended by our tour guide in Shibuya as well as being on a lot of lists we had looked up for good sights to see. However, after realizing it’s actually only 60 years old and it’s been rebuilt took some of the elegance away from it.

This was an open temple but the inside area, full of shops and restaurants as well as the actual temple, closes at a certain time. The shops seemed slightly more varied in selection than other places we’ve been.

We had thought this might be a place to find some cool souvenirs you can’t buy on the internet, but turned out to be just another run-of-the-mill souvenir area. At this point so early in the trip, if I had found a place that still old floaty pins I would've gladly paid $5-6 at this point for a cool Japanese one.

There was a guy on the plane to Sapporro that was wearing a Ja-Pow beanie, and we instantly wanted one of our own. We didn't find one here but started to be on the lookout the rest of the trip.

There's definitely more history here that someday I'd like to come back to.