9th February 2020

Tokyo AirBnb Shinjuku

After Rusutsu, we headed back to Tokyo for 8 days of exploring, traveling, and eating. We wanted to split up where stayed so our first place was back in Shinjuku at another AirBnB. We decided to save some money here since we didn't plan on hanging out in the room that much since we'd out and about exploring.

I guess I'll start off with the negatives of this place. For starters, my side of the bed was broken near where I laid my head, so it sloped down towards the ground. The bathroom had a tub that was slightly rusted out around the edges, which was a little concerning considering we didn't want to breathing in any mold or things like that. The kithen was difficult to cook, but we ended up a little bit of fun at the same time working around the kinks of it. The last thing, and it was a big thing, was the neighbors were downright loud at the earliest hours of the morning. They would come home from partying at like 3 or 4 AM and just be shouting or singing or whatever. When we signed our AirBnB agreement for the place, the owner stated there was a strict sound policy where you needed to be quiet after 10 PM. Either the people next door weren't AirBnBers they just didn't care. Either way, terrible sleeping experience.

There were some positives though. The place did have a good spot to cook hot meals and make coffee. The price for what we got was nice and affordable, and it was central to Shinjuku center and very close to the train station, about a 10 minute walk which made a big difference lugging the roller bag around.

In the end, we should've just spent a little extra money and stayed in Shibuya. We would've gotten better sleep and our attitudes would most likely have been better towards this area.