14th February 2020

Sushi no Midori Ginza

my wife and I went here for some awesome sushi on one of our last nights in Ginza. Ginza is a really nice district in Tokyo, so lots of the restaurants and stores and high-class. Like mostly everything else in Ginza, there wasn't a lot of English so finding it was difficult. The sign out front wasn't even something that we could recognize from Google Maps, so we tried a couple restaurants and went inside and matched the inside to the pictures we saw online.

Once we found the right place, we needed to reserve a table. Luckily there's a vending machine for that. We had to enter a phone number and get a ticket and then sat on a bench outside for about 20 minutes. They were closing in about an hour or so, and we were starting to wonder if we were going to get seated. But we ended up getting brought in a little more than an hour until close and the lady mentioned that there would be no rush so all good there.

The food was super delicious and very fresh. Great uni! my wife got a Kings Sampler with a bunch of different sashimis and uni and some squid. I ordered a sashimi platter that had some giant pieces of fish. We definitely got our moneys worth here. Again, I need to find pictures on my phone. Would highly recommend this place.