15th February 2020

Team Lab Borderless

Team Lab Borderless was recommended to us by some friends from Orange County. It was located in Ginza, so we planned out that we'd visit it when we went to the second hotel in Tokyo, since that was where we'd be staying. To get there we took the Yamanote Line as usual to the Rinkai Line and I forget which stop we got off of. Admission to the museum was about 3200 Yen per person.

This was a totally different art museum than I'd seen before. Instead of physical exhibits, everything was done with light and mirrors. The museum was also laid out with no real progression of where you need to go. The whole concept behind it was you could between any room you wanted at any time. One of the main driving factors of this was the art seemed to move from room to room. All of the images and figures being projected onto the wall were being carried around much of the museum by other projectors, so the entire system was all interconnected and just one big show spread across a building with multiple roooms.

One of the areas that really surprised was there was a projection of water flowing down a column in the middle of a room into a dug out section. The floor of the dug out section had images of water projected onto it and would seem to slosh around. I noticed when I put my feet in the water, the water sloshed around more. When I put my foot at the spot where the water was entering the puddle, the water started to go around it! Totally interactive! I even got my wife to stand next to me and we pretty much diverted the water to another section.